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Pete the Purple Bull is a program of QC United, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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Pete's Grand Plan – the Book

Pete’s 1st Children’s Book

A brightly illustrated, large hardcover Book written in rhyme form with an Anti-bullying theme.

book announcementWritten by Kim Riley-Quinn  Illustrated by Austin Robertson

Kids, teachers and parents are raving about Pete’s new book!

Pete’s Grand Plan is a brightly illustrated hardcover book (10in by 10in) written in rhyme form. It's the story of how Pete helps his friend Gracie through a difficult Bullying situation at her school. In the process, Gracie discovers her own strength and her classmates and teachers discover the important role they play in creating a safe and welcoming school for everyone. Pete’s book provides a fun, interactive reading experience with a solution-focused approach for kids, parents and teachers.I

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Pete's Lesson Plans Coming Soon!

Pete's Grand Plan teaches important social / emotional skills

Download a summary of the lesson plans

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