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Pete the Purple Bull is a program of QC United, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Photo showing Pete the Purple Bull with members of Reflex Dance and school kids from the Quad Cities

Pete is back!

Pete is venturing out into the community so be on the lookout!

He could be anywhere. Look for him in your neighborhood or school.

In the meantime, continue to take good care of yourselves and remember to show respect and kindness to others.

Details for the Helping Hoofs Program

Enter Pete the Bull's $5,000 Giveaway

Pete & his team are all too familiar with the struggles small nonprofits face when trying to fund their community programs. This has been especially true during these uncertain times. Pete's solution? Pete is offering some non-profit organizations and school programs the opportunity to join with him to raise money through cash give-aways periodically through-out the year. They win, Pete wins & YOU could win too!

The first cash giveaway begins April 1st, 2022. Funds raised will benefit Friends of MLK, Inc. in support of their new outdoor community park as well as Pete the Purple Bull's College Scholarship Program. One lucky person, after donating $10 to this effort, will win $2000!! There will also be one $1000 winner & four $500 winners!

The drawing will take place at the 21st Annual Swing into Education Golf Tournament sponsored by Pete the Purple Bull and held at Duck Creek Golf Course in Davenport, Iowa on Friday, June 17th, 2022.

How did the Helping Hoofs Program originate?
The Pete the Purple Bull Program is an entity of QC United, a charity organization that has been providing a variety of community programs in the Quad Cities since 2009. A few of these programs include: 1) a scholarship program that has served well over 100 QC high school graduates, 2), the Dreams Come True program that provided educational trips to at-risk students and 3), Pete's Bully-Prevention Programs that serve QC schools and communities.

The concept for Pete's Helping Hoofs Program was first piloted when Pete joined with the Lincoln Resource Center in Davenport, Iowa in the summer of 2021 for the 1st Annual Summer BBQ. This event raised over $4000 for the Lincoln Center while also supporting Pete's Bully Prevention Programs.

Program Details:
Selection of partnering organizations: An assessment team with the Pete the Purple Bull Program will review nonprofit & school applicants. Factors considered: Only charity organizations and/or school groups are eligible to participate. They must serve the Quad City Community and they must present a financial need for a specific program or project that will benefit marginalized residents of the Quad Cities. Partnering-organizations must have the abil-ity to promote/advertise the giveaway event and agree to do so. Pete and his team will select one nonprofit organization to showcase for each give-away and the selected organization will be eligible for 30% of the profits from this effort. Selected school programs will earn 25% of the funds collected from each $20 donation they collect. (Donors who commit $20 receive a book of 3 tickets (chances) to be entered into the drawing).

Management of the giveaway: Pete the Purple Bull will oversee the giveaway. Pete's team will create the tickets for the giveaway and will provide online donation options that the participating organization can access. Pete will work with the partners to advertise/promote the giveaway. The Pete the Purple Bull team will be responsible for collecting and managing the funds collected. All tickets will be numbered. Online donors will receive a confirma-tion of their donation and documentation of their assigned ticket numbers. Online donors can specify the name of the organization they are supporting and the name of the person who solicited their donation to assure credit is given to the partnering organization. Once the drawing takes place, Pete's team will distribute the funds to the winners of the giveaway and will distribute the funds raised to the partnering organization/s following the drawing. A summary of the program costs and the funds collected will be transparent and shared with the partnering organization/s. This includes a printout of the online donations received.

Donors/giveaway winners: Individuals will be invited to support the efforts of the participating organizations and Pete the Purple Bull Program by making a $10 donation for one ticket (chance) to enter or a $20 donation for a book of three tickets (chances) to enter the $2000, $1000 and $500 (x4)cash giveaway. Donors will be provided numbered ticket stubs to verify their submission. Their completed tickets, that include their contact information, will be entered into the drawing to take place on 6/17/22. Donors may also enter the giveaway online by submitting their donations and contact infor-mation. They will be provided online confirmation of their entry into the drawing and will be invited to identify the organization they are supporting. Pete's team will assure their tickets are included in the drawing. The goal is to reach a minimum of 2000 books of tickets.

Expectations of the partnering organization/s: Participating nonprofits are expected to collect a minimum of 400 donations at $20 each. which can be collected individually at $10 each or in books of three for $20. This guarantees a minimum profit of 30% or $2,400. The more donations a group collects, then the more funds they will raise for their specified program or project. Participating organizations will be provided at least 400 books of donation tick-ets- each book contains three donation tickets for a total of 1200 tickets. The partnering organization will be responsible for soliciting support from indi-vidual donors. One book (consisting of three donation tickets) ranges in value from $20 to $30 depending upon the # of individual tickets & books of 3 donations collected. The donors can elect to provide one $10 donation for one entry into the cash giveaway or a $20 donation for three entries into the cash giveaway. All tickets provided to the participating nonprofit must be accounted for, either through documentation of donations collected and/or the return of tickets not used. The organization will be responsible for accounting for all tickets received and gathering the required contact information from each donor. The participating nonprofit must submit all donation ticket stubs plus funds collected and return all unused tickets by an agreed upon date.

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Application for participating nonprofits/school groups

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More about Pete the Purple Bull...

Pete the Purple Bull is the face and official Brand for QC United, a non-profit organization. Pete the Purple Bull is dedicated to promoting positive social/emotional skills in schools and communities by offering a wide variety of interactive learning experiences. Pete knows that when people practice these skills, Bullying disappears. Pete also knows that these skills are essential to creating and maintaining safe and welcoming schools and neighborhoods.

Pete the Purple Bull is an entity of QC United, a 501©3 Organization

Mission: Through multiple community partnerships, QC United’s Pete the Purple Bull Program  provides youth with educational experiences that strengthen social/emotional skills essential to developing and sustaining responsible social interactions across all settings.

Pete the Purple Bull & the QC United organization also supports Higher Education by providing college scholarships to graduating high school students. This year marks the 20th Anniversary for Pete the Purple Bull's Scholarship program and annual golf tournament. Pete and his team have some special events planned to celebrate this very special year.